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Presciient Elite Data Science Training

If you're wanting to up-skill yourself, your boss or your whole team in data science, look into Preciient's courses. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned data scientist, you will find a course that's suitable for you. 

Their courses cover Data Literacy, Data Science, Data Visualisation, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. There are courses from complete beginners to advanced. The courses are taught in person in Australia, New Zealand and across Asia.

Check out presciient.com

Fyrebox Quiz Maker

As data scientists, we're always looking for ways to gather more data and better understand our customers. Fyrebox lets you do just that.

With Fyrebox you can easily create a quiz for your app, website or blog. These quizzes can be used to generate leads, educate or engage with your customers. Either way you will have more data and a better understanding of what your customers think and need!

How much does your organisation know about data science? How much do your customers know about your products/services?

Fyrebox can help. Start with a free trial and try Fyrebox today.

JCU Master of Data Science - Online Program 

James Cook University (JCU) recognises the power of data science and prides itself on offering degrees that count. Today, every business and industry understands the invaluable need for data scientists.

 JCU has developed a 100% online Master of Data Science degree that integrates the fundamental principles and practices of data visualization, data mining, programming, data management and security into its current and professionally relevant coursework. Delivered by respected interdisciplinary academics and industry experts, boost your career with skills that are applicable in the business world.

Discover JCU’s online Master of Data Science.