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Fyrebox Quiz Maker

As data scientists, we're always looking for ways to gather more data and better understand our customers. Fyrebox lets you do just that.

With Fyrebox you can easily create a quiz for your app, website or blog. These quizzes can be used to generate leads, educate or engage with your customers. Either way you will have more data and a better understanding of what your customers think and need!

How much does your organisation know about data science? How much do your customers know about your products/services?

Fyrebox can help. Start with a free trial and try Fyrebox today.

UNSW Master of Data Science 100% Online

University of New South Wales has launched a new Master of Data Science, and it’s 100% online. They have designed this program to deliver the skills that are in the highest demand and the most difficult to find. 

It covers the advanced stats, programming, machine learning and strategy areas you need to be able to call yourself a true data scientist. 

To find out more visit studyonline.unsw.edu.au


Datasource Services

Datasource Services is Australia’s leading Executive Search and Recruitment provider to the data and analytics industry. Datasource is chosen by many of Australia’s most successful and innovative Analytics teams, working closely to understand customer needs and deliver the top performing candidates in the Australian market.

From Executives and Directors through to Project Managers, BA’s and Technical Specialists, our deep networks allow us to source the highest calibre of candidates. Our consultative and personalised approached to the recruitment process ensures the highest level of service and care throughout each process.

For further information contact will@datasourceservcies.com.au