#15 Tony Laing - General Manager Analytics & Data Services


In this episode we speak with Tony Laing who is the General Manager of Analytics & Data Services at Auto & General. We talk about:

  • what is the ‘nuts and bolts’ of analytics

  • what is the data supply chain required in organisations for the delivery of analytics/ML solutions

  • how to deliver quick wins and strategic projects concurrently

  • the journey to add significant value in an organisation through analytics

  • what questions to ask executives to kickstart their data science journey

  • why is there so much turnover in data science

  • why data preparation and model building is only 20% of the job

  • what type of model is the best to drive commercial outcomes

  • whether ML applied in specific domains is AI or not

  • the art of data preparation, increases in computing power and automation of data science

  • what is “the knife fight” of data science and what type of companies can benefit the most

  • how to use constraints to your benefit in data science

  • the 3 types of people you deal with when creating an analytics capability and how to bring them on the journey

  • differences between capability building and demand management stages of a team

  • why it’s important to stay hands-on throughout your career

I loved Tony's practical, delivery focused approach to creating value from analytics and a data driven culture in his organisation.

The theme of Tony's career is the establishment and rapid growth of highly profitable data mining and analytics practices within existing companies of all growth phases.

His specialties: Data Mining, Analytics, Statistical Analysis, Profiling, Predictive Modelling, Segmentation, Market Research, Consumer Insights, CRM, Competitive Intelligence.

Book mentioned: Data Preparation for Data Mining, by Dorian Pyle

Tony is based in Brisbane, Australia

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