#23 Mario Vinasco - Marketing Analytics and Data Science Manager


Mario is an Electrical Engineer from Colombia. He went to Silicon Valley to do his Masters at Stanford University and stayed to build a career in Marketing Analytics. He has incredible experience and has worked at Intuit, Google, HP, Symantec and Facebook. He currently works at Uber as Marketing Analytics and Data Science Manager.

We speak about:

  • Starting in marketing analytics without knowing anything about it

  • The creatives and the quants of marketing analytics

  • How the headaches of tech have changes over the years for data scientists

  • Data dictators and why multiple versions of the truth are necessary

  • How to communicate results of your analysis to executives

  • The importance of data science education in organisations

  • How to pick the best predictive model for your applications

  • Analytics as the art of counting

  • The importance of working with inspiring people

  • Why running experiments is the gold standard of finding what works

  • How to use people analytics - Google style

  • Why your job is to empower your stakeholders - and how to make this a 2 way relationship

  • How to not saturate your channels

  • What he looks for in CVs and applicants

  • How to stand out during interview processes

  • The coolness of network partitions at Facebook

  • Using embeddedings at Facebook - using vectors when one hot encoding gets too cumbersome

  • The importance of rapid prototyping

  • The value of collaboration across your organisation and what that looks like in practice

  • Things to look for and ask during your interview process

  • How to choose where to work

  • Setting up new practice globally at Uber

  • Product manager as a facilitator, protector and enabler

Mario is based in the San Francisco Bay Area

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