#12 Alessandro Pregnolato - Director of Analytics


In this episode we speak with Alessandro Pregnolato, he is the Director of Analytics at Typeform.com. We talk about:

- his journey to get where he is, 
- what is the optimal size of a data science team, 
- how to use data science in SaaS businesses/startups
- the 4 pillars of a great data strategy
- how to be an expert generalist in the data space and much more!

Alessandro is a Business Analytics Leader with a love for Data Science. He has over fifteen years experience within the domain of BI, Analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning in international environments. 
He has strong management and communication skills with a demonstrated ability to work well under pressure with people from a variety of backgrounds.

Show notes: www.datafuturology.com/podcast/12 

Alessandro is based in: Barcelona, Spain