#13 Ernesto Bernado - Chief Product & Marketing Officer


In this episode we speak with Ernesto Bernardo, he is the Chief Product & Marketing Officer at iContainers. We talk about:

- whether today's data science leaders and the leaders of tomorrow should be technical or not
- how to create autonomous teams that focus on value (ROI) & pay for themselves
- how creating a data science team that deliver value in the business forces you to go from a centralised to a decentralised team
- why creating a data-driven culture in your organisation requires good marketing and great people skills
- how the reporting lines of a data science team and significantly affect the teams’ impact in the business
- the importance of networking within your company to drive adoption and change the culture
- how to stand out in data science interviews & what managers look for
- actionable metrics: focus on what you can control/influence to change the metrics you care about - i.e.: what’s the input/driver

Ernesto has 20 years of experience on the digital industry. Large experience with Internet companies and a solid background in all business fields (Ecommerce, Business Development, Product, Sales, Marketing, Strategy) and data related areas (BI, analysis, testing, data science).

He is business oriented, data driven, but also intuitive, he's had the opportunity to manage a highly motivated team of professionals, discovering a new passion: building teams.

He is an active business angel and advisor to new ventures in the Digital space.

Ernesto is based in Barcelona, Spain