#18 Dr. Ahmed Khamassi - Vice President of Data Science


Ahmed started his career at Siemens research, worked in startups, at Google, PayPal, SAS and JPMorgan and has his own machine learning company and now he runs data science at Equinor

We speak about:

  • benefits of simulations in research and data science

  • how he went from “equation-driven” to “data-driven”

  • the role of simulations in optimisation, decision-making and automation

  • uses of simulations and deep reinforcement learning models in the energy industry

  • how data is used 2-5kms underground below the sea to infer the properties of the ground underneath

  • lessons from startups and what to look for in people to work with

  • why it’s important for data science teams to own the engagement of value creation with the customer

  • how to ensure that your data science team is creating value in your organisation

  • how to prioritise the work done by your data science team and what to aim for

  • how to make your role and your teams’ roles redundant by delivering disproportionate amount of value

  • what to aim for with data driven products

  • what startup mentality means and how to bring startup DNA into a traditional business

  • how to engage business stakeholders to get SMEs working in your team

  • the role of the business product owner and what to look for when picking one

  • how to get the best out of your team

  • lessons learnt at Google and his aspirations for his current team

  • why the new style of innovation management cannot be used pervasively in all businesses - how businesses wins

  • operational excellence vs innovation in different industries

  • how to create a fantastic organisational culture

  • problems BI tools should be looking to solve

  • The importance of dev ops in the data science value chain

Ahmed is based in London, UK

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