#19 Vlad Kazantsev - Head of Data Science


Vlad started his career in visual effects & computer graphics. He worked on Hollywood blockbusters such as Avatar, Dark Knight, Happy Feet. He currently is Head of Data Science at Wooga that makes June’s Journey (Facebook Game of the Year 2017), Pearl’s Perils, Tropicats, Jelly Splash, Bubble Island 2 & Diamond Dash

We speak about:

  • why it’s important to follow your curiosity and what that looks like

  • how to keep learning and stay current in data science

  • uses of pytorch, the second deep learning python library after tensorflow which is backed by facebook

  • relevant metrics & analytics in the gaming industry

  • statistical modelling, machine learning & deep learning in gaming

  • considerations for deploying ML models to production

  • the importance of speed in delivery of work & reproducibility of data science

  • how to keep innovating for your customers

  • testing and validating new features

  • what is the semi-embedded model

  • how to ensure your team is not a bottleneck for the operational side of the business

  • how the 30/30/40 split can make you and your team more productive

  • why it’s valuable for data scientists to work end to end (E2E) i.e. business problem to models in production

  • why you shouldn’t hire data scientists first when starting data teams

  • how to increase the data literacy of your organisation

  • skills and elements of a successful data science team

  • how to hire data scientists with business, data science & engineering skills


Resources mentioned:

Python book:
Python for Data Analysis by Wes McKinney

Introduction to Data Science in Python

Machine Learning by Andrew Ng

O’Reilly Books Subscription

Vlad is based in Berlin, Germany

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