#29 Dr. Klaus Ifflander - Chief Analytics Officer

Ep29 Klaus Ifflander - Berlin, Germany.jpg

Klaus started his career doing internships at Yahoo! and the port of Hamburg. He worked as a consultant and completed a PhD in Quantitative Marketing. Today he is the Chief Analytics Officer at YAS.life

We speak about:

* The importance of getting applied experience as early as possible

* Defining KPIs for businesses

* Using data to change organisational behaviour and increase safety

* How to navigate organisations to create data definitions

* Realities of consulting: positives and negatives

* Why large companies require so much custom work

* How to help people and organisations that don't know what they want

* Helping organisations in progressing through their analytics journey

* How to overcome technical challenges with creative solutions in your projects

* Why honesty within yourself and others is imperative in your work

* How to provide customers what they need instead of what they want

* The importance of hard and soft metrics when measuring value

* Applying soft skills in data science

* How to find what will be valuable for your customers

* Expanding your interest with a postgraduate degree

* How your social surroundings affect your purchase decisions

* Using soft skills for data acquisition

* What is eigenvector centrality and what is it used for?

* How product reviews influence your buying decisions

* How to create experiments in business

* Pricing models in the steel business

* Data science in fitness startups

Klaus is based in the Berlin Area, Germany.

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