#16 Apollo Gerolymbos - Head of Data Analytics



Apollo used to work in data analytics and he was a volunteer firefighter on the side, he then combined his hobby and career. He now is the Head of Data Science at the London Fire Brigade (LFB).

In this episode he tells us about:

  • the applications of data science in firefighting

  • how the London Fire Brigade (LFB) uses data to preempt and minimise fires

  • the end to end data science process at the LFB: from data capture to user engagement

  • how their data affects laws, policies and citizens’ lives

  • how Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analysis is used on the reports of the most serious fires to identify new patterns of high risk factors

  • the importance of identifying bottlenecks and weak points in the availability of your service

  • how to structure your data science projects for maximum impact

  • why it’s important for data scientists to educate non-data people in their organisations

  • benefits of knowing your audience when communicating as a data scientist

  • the current role of data during and after an incident

  • data available in the London datastore (open data) https://data.london.gov.uk/

  • data sharing and collaboration nationally, internationally and across unlikely industries

  • inner workings of the team

  • differences and similarities between the public and private sectors

  • tools and the role of the data scientist

Apollo is based in London, UK

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