#25 Ben Taylor - Chief Al Officer & Cofounder

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Ben started his career as a chemical engineer. He developed an interest for computer vision early on. He worked for Intel, then at a hedge fund and then became the Chief Data Scientist at HireVue. A couple of years ago he started his own AI startup called Ziff.ai where he's is building a Deep Learning platform for product visionaries and software engineers.

We speak about:

* How computers amplify us

* What it looks like to start your own AI company

* How to switch programming languages

* Downsides of Google's tensorflow

* What industry expects from data science

* How to deliver value with ML

* How to pick ML projects to tackle

* Eliminating bias in AI applications

* AI powered job interviews of the (near) future

* Topic discovery with DL

* AI warfare in business

* What is a Hive Mind and how it works

* Future health care assessments at home

* AI is cute until it's scary

* The importance of passion and obsession in data science

Articles by Ben on Linkedin:

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Ben is based in the Provo, Utah Area

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