#17 Naomi Clarke - Head of Data


Naomi Clarke started as a graduate in the oil business, since then she's worked in multiple industries, and now she is Head of Data in the finance sector.

Naomi has a strong background on business data arch, business data modelling, data governance.  I loved the human-centred perspective that she has taken to her work.

We talk about:

  • the Management Information Systems (MI or MIS) she created in her early days

  • the importance of business data models for analytics

  • the difference between a logical and physical data model and which one is more important

  • how to define the right meaning of the data in your data models

  • disruptions in the financial sector that happened overnight

  • the relationship between deregulation, dematerialisation and digitalisation; and how its affecting industries

  • the tight link between business, data and culture; and how each one affects the others

  • philosophy and data science

  • what is corporate geography

  • why data analytics starts with the business question you’re trying to answer

  • problems when people focus on gadgets or only on their silo; and how to fix it

  • why data analytics is about business & people

  • the importance of data lineage and it’s link to business risk and company workflows

  • the role of data governance in the modern organisation

  • what are semantic layers in data and how they can help

  • tensions and ethics around what we can do with data and what we should do with data

  • how to set priorities on data preparation

  • best uses of data profiling tools

  • how to overcome the problems of data definitions in large businesses

  • what gives you an edge in your interviews

Naomi is based in London, UK

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