#34 Sally Grove - General Manager of Insights

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Sally is the General Manager of Insights at the Australian Motoring Services. She previously spent 10 years working in banking and today she shares her story.

We speak about:

* Fraud analytics in big banks

* End to end analytics

* Importance of fast feedback loops

* Shocks of early working life

* Balancing speed & accuracy

* 80/20 vs 95/5

* Exposures in strategy & politics

* Helping the business ask the right questions

* Leading with the work

* Career breaks: how to

* Importance of working on yourself

* Advantages of medium sized companies

* Creating a data strategy

* Balancing tactical solutions, strategic initiatives and team development

* Self service analytics

* Educating business stakeholders & getting their feedback

* Ability to ask anything from everyone

* Data science is like medicine

* Leveraging multiple dimensions for career development

* Knowledge sharing sessions

* Getting analytics a seat at the table

Sally is based in Melbourne, Australia

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