#33 Graeme McDermott - Chief Data Officer

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Graeme started in actuarial science and developed a love for algorithms and automation. He worked in data warehousing before moving into data analytics. He spent 16 years in several Head of Data roles at The Automobile Association (AA) before joining Addison Lee as their Chief Data Officer, where he is today.

We speak about:

* What is actuarial science

* Data warehousing & GIS systems

* Overview of the Chief Data Officer role

* Automation in the data space

* How to build a data warehouse

* The difference between a data warehouse, data lake and virtual data warehouse

* Starting data work with business problems/questions

* How to deliver value to the business

* Balancing tactical project delivery with strategic work

* Enabling self service data analytics

* Prioritising & sizing up work

* Modern styles of work in data

* Data governance: creating a plan

* Creating a data strategy

* How to get to a head of role

* Team building

* Networking

Graeme is based in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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