#26 Sam Robertson - Head of Research & Innovation

Sam Robertson.jpg

Sam's background is in sports & exercise science. He has an accomplished career in sport analytics. Today, he is the Head of Research and Innovation at the Western Bulldogs and an Associate Professor at Victoria University.

We speak about:

* Using ML to help people see the non-linerarity in their problems

* Common misconceptions of ML

* Interpretability of ML

* Using ML to improve athletes performance, measure their contribution & prevent injuries

* Carving a data science job in an area you're interested in

* How to choose projects to focus on

* Mixing psychology, operations and data science in sport

* Data collection & management in sport

* How data can help off field & the mental side of the athletes

* Similarities of data in sport and government/ corporate

* How athletes change when fatigued

* Applications of sports analytics

* How data can help create drills to improve player performance & skills

* Current modelling challenges in sport

* Real time decision making in game by coaches: challenges and realities

* Educating stakeholders

Sam is based in Melbourne, Australia

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