#28 Jennifer Prendki - VP of Machine Learning & Data Strategist

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Jennifer started her career as a particle physicist before becoming a data scientist. After gaining experience in many fields including high frequency algorithmic trading & advertising, she was Atlassian's first Chief Data Scientist. Today she is the VP of Machine Learning at Figure Eight and an Expert and Advisor at the International Institute for Analytics.

We speak about:

* How to see the results of your work sooner and faster

* The importance of choosing your manager

* Making data strategy decisions for companies that are very immature in their approach to data

* Building data science teams from scratch

* Combining impostor syndrome and leaps of faith for your benefit

* The importance of making mistakes to be successful

* What having a great data culture really means

* How to convince peers and supervisors on the benefits and the path of data strategy

* Differences between having a technical and non-technical manager

* Combining technical abilities and business sense

* The importance of customer contact for technical people

* Focus on the impact and outcome of everything that you're building

* How to keep the balance in teams

* Pleasing customers vs product intuition

* How to drive and create a data driven culture

* How to create scale with your data science efforts

* How to build your data science team

* Data engineering vs Machine learning engineer

* How to keep talent

* How can data scientists learn the skills for business leadership

* Active learning and building products for data scientists

Jennifer is based in Mountain View, California

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