#27 Dr. Mark Nasila - Chief Analytics Officer

Ep27 Dr. Mark Nasila.jpg

Mark used to be a statistics lecturer at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa. He then joined First National Bank as a quantitative analyst where he climbed through the ranks to Head of Advanced Analytics and beyond. Today he is the Chief Analytics Officer at FNB.

We speak about:

* Predicting what the customer is calling about

* Improving compliance in banking through analytics

* Creating and driving a data strategy across an organisation

* Using analytics to look after customers in better ways

* How to create and measure economic value from data

* How to find meaning in your work

* Understanding your value across the entire value chain

* Creating a culture of collaboration that's not afraid to fail

* Working with tertiary institutions to identify talent

* What to test when interviewing data scientists

* How to structure your team & work with stakeholders

* The importance of data governance

* How to implement and socialise the solutions created by the team for maximum impact

* The importance of mentoring and growing people

* The difference between head of analytics and chief analytical officer

Mark is based in the Johannesburg Area, South Africa

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