#37 Dr. Kristen Sosulski - Associate Professor of Data Visualization NYU Stern; Director, Learning Science Lab; Author of Data Visualization Made Simple and Consultant

Dr. Kristen Sosulski - Data Visualization

Dr Kristen Sosulski is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at New York University’s Stern School of Business. She teaches MBA, undergraduate, executive, and online courses in data visualization and computer programming. She is also the Director of the Learning Science Lab for the NYU Stern where she leads teams in design immersive learning environments for professional business school education. 

We speak about:

• Kristen’s journey from doing her undergraduate in Information Systems at NYU Stern School of Business to being a professor there teaching Data Visualization (00:17)

• How Kristen’s love of technology led to an interest in using technology to help students learn (01:38)

• The challenges of trying to create an immersive learning environment in the late 90s (02:41)

• What led to Kristen working with data visualization (03:38)

• How Kristen thinks about data visualization and designing data graphics (06:14)

• Some guidelines and thoughts on presenting data to an audience (08:03)

• How people learn to improve their data graphics (11:15)

• The importance of showing your work and getting feedback (14:18)

• The challenges Kristen finds when consulting for companies in data visualisation (17:08)

• The value of data visualization in a data driven organisation (19:54)

• Why Kristen wrote her book on data visualization and why she included case studies (21:14)

• Some resources that Kristen created for the book (23:40)

• Her work in building NYU’s online education and the use of learning analytics (27:11)

• Why there needs to be more training in how to visualize data and to understand what it means (30:10)

• Designing a dashboard for user driven storytelling (33:41)

• How Kristen would like data visualization to evolve in the future (36:44)

• Mistakes people make when creating visualizations (38:51)

• How Kristen developed and improves her work and the value of sharing your mistakes (41:33)

• The importance of understanding what your data means in the real world (42:49)


Data Visualization Made Simple: Insights into Becoming Visual by Kristen Sosulski


The Online Certificate in Visualizing Data

Taught by Kristen Sosulski via NYU Stern School of Business



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Kristen is based in New York, USA.

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