#20 David Greenberg - Senior VP and Head of Data Analytics


David studied applied physics and began his career as a consultant. He’s had his own company where he created a video asset management & workflow software in the 90s!. Then worked in the education/not-for-profit sector and then went into the finance sector as VP of BI & Data Analysis. Today, he is the Senior Vice President and Head of Data, Analytics and Research at BankMobile.

We discuss:

  • the insights into large companies from his early days in consulting

  • why technology provides the “guard rails” for the business

  • why our roles as data scientists is to make sense of the mess

  • what’s missing in today’s analytics education and how to learn what you need

  • what to look for when building a diverse team

  • the importance of creating a narrative in analytics

  • the mindset to maintain during your analysis

  • motivations behind problems with data definitions

  • how data is like a flashlight

  • how analytics professionals help companies to judge performance fairly

  • how to create a data-driven culture in your organisation

  • what to do when companies don’t know their basic metrics

  • what questions to ask when you receive data requests

  • issues in horizontally integrating data among very vertically structured organisations

  • lessons learnt from his tech startup

  • the importance of being honest and kind

  • how to reframe what could be seen as attacks in order to be kinder and more understanding towards others

  • how to hire the best people out there when your organisation can’t pay as well as others

  • tips on navigating corporate politics

  • who should own and be involved in building the data warehouse for the organisation

  • benefits of having a centralised analytics team

  • why, as analytics professionals, we’re entering the world of expectation management

David is based in New London/Norwich, Connecticut Area

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