#32 Carole Wai Hai - Head of Data Science & Analytics

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Carole had an unusual path into data science. She's worked as a content project manager, in strategic planning and in sales before getting into data through Business Intelligence at Fyber where she eventually became their Head of Analytics. Today she is the Head of Data Science & Analytics at Tenjin.

We speak about:

* The strengths of being a generalist

* Upskilling throughout your career

* Focus on self service reporting

* The skills needed in a BI team

* Creating internal user groups to share knowledge

* Convincing people to get training on the tools required to do their job better

* The benefits of gaining a reputation internally

* Setting a strategy for data teams

* The importance of data modelling skills in data teams

* Learning technology on the job when you're background is not technology

* Monthly meeting with key departments to review all dashboards in the department

* Working remotely in global companies

* Metrics about user behaviour

* Offering analytics for many customers with the same problem/need

* How to develop consulting skills

* The platinum rule - book on communication style

* The leadership challenge - book recommendation

* What it's like working in startups

* How to recover from being a workaholic

Carole is based in Berlin Area, Germany

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