#38 How To Build a World Class Data Science Team

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In this episode, I talk about data scientists and ways you can attract the best talent to your team. Instead of telling your employees what they can do better, make them curious as to what they could do better. Then, I reveal the three things to look for when analyzing your pool of applicants. Once you have your team, now what? Once you have a decent pay settled, I explain the three things you will need to have for a capable team. Later, I tell you the elements, as a manager, you should be doing as rarely as possible.

In This Episode:

• [02:45] How to attract data scientists to your team?

• [04:45] The three things to look for from your pool of applicants

• [07:05] Adversity; test how they would react 

• [11:00] Three things needed to run an effective team

• [18:00] Managers should be doing this as rarely as possible

Creating a Data Team Session Quotes:

1. “Create a learning environment and continually challenging projects to focus on their development.”

2. “People should be open-minded and willing to learn; I test this in two different ways.”

3. “A lot of people come with technical skills from other countries.”

4. “They had to code it live with about eight people watching them, no pressure!”

5. “You know the answer, and you want to tell them to get to the outcome quickly. That’s an urge you have to roll back and fight against.” 

6. “Purpose is really what gets us out of bed every day.”

7. “Make yourself redundant as quickly as possible.”

Resources Mentioned: 

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us


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