#21 Antony Ugoni - Director, Global Matching and Analytics


Antony stumbled into his love of predictive modelling at the tender age of 10. He started his professional career in biostatistics and then made the switch to corporate Australia to work as Head of Analytics in banking before joining Seek; where today he is the Director of Global Matching and Analytics. He is also very involved in giving back to the data science community by being an advisor at ADMA, Melbourne University, PASCAL and IAPA.

We speak about:

  • how analytical thinking adds value both in research and in corporate

  • why you should read an intro to epidemiology textbook

  • how analytics can take you to any field 

  • why this is the most exciting time to be in analytics

  • his transition from research to corporate

  • surprises and rewards of moving into corporate

  • how to use the constraints you have for your benefit and how to love what you do

  • the rewards of moving to corporate

  • what proper use of data looks like

  • how you can help organisations find the value in their data

  • how to present and explain the need for experiments in business

  • the importance of educating your organisation on data science

  • how to focus on value in your organisation

  • how to take people on a humble, thought-provoking and non-intimidating journey into the use of data science

  • how to understand the “grey” in business and appreciate people’s journeys

  • why you should get close to the sales people in your organisation

  • thoughts on the very high demand of data scientists

  • data science for social good and why analytics professionals are like Batman

  • how to stand out in data science interviews and much, much more!

Antony's textbook recommendations:

Statistical Models in Epidemiology

Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 4th Edition

Applied Logistic Regression - Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics

Case Control Studies : Design, Conduct, Analysis

Epidemiology Principles and methods

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Antony is based in Melbourne, Australia

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