#30 Aaron Black - Chief Data Officer

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Aaron started his career working in accounting and building management information systems (MIS). He had his own company, worked in multiple industries and then got into biology and genomics. Today he is the Chief Data Officer at the Inova Translational Medicine Institute.

We speak about:

* How to take research into scaled applications

* The importance of sharing your knowledge and helping others understand

* Why you're only as good as your team members

* How to engage many different types of stakeholders

* Challenges of data management in healthcare

* Data governance & provenance in healthcare

* Data monetization & it's stigma in healthcare

* The benefits of data sharing consortiums

* The potential of genomic & DNA data

* Handling algorithm biases

* Enabling reproducible research through data

* Why "perfection is the enemy of good"

* The importance of creating & sharing your mental models


Weapons of Math Destruction




Real time board


Mind jet - mind mapping


Aaron is based in Washington DC Metro Area, USA

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