#61 Data Science Strategy in the Military, Startups and Tech/Digital Leaders with Sveta Freidman - Data Analytics & Science Director/Mentor

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Sveta Freidman is a data scientist and business intelligence leader with extensive experience in consulting and client-based environments. She has a vast experience working in different industries, including gambling, retail, health, and online businesses (startups). Sveta is a data strategist with a passion for connecting people to the data they need to make decisions, build better products, and execute marketing strategies.

In this episode, Sveta explains why she decided to study statistics, she had a passion for mathematics. During her time in Israel’s military, she collected data from different places and made sense from it. Her commercial experience comes from various startups she joined. When joining a startup, you have to wear many hats. Sometimes you have to be a data engineer, data scientist, or a data analyst. Then, Sveta moved to Australia and found a startup, Envato, where she built all the data from scratch.

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We speak about:

  • [01:40] How Sveta started in the data space

  • [07:15] Sveta’s professional background

  • [17:10] Investing in local talent

  • [20:45] How to hire for a startup

  • [24:30] Questions for hiring interviews

  • [29:25] Working for Carsales

  • [31:55] People not trusting the data

  • [35:20] Solving the issue of trust

  • [40:30] Finding bias in the data

  • [44:50] Make sure you look at the data every day


Sveta’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sveta-freidman-5981593

Carsales: https://www.carsales.com.au


  • “Statistics is everywhere.”

  • “You can be a great data scientist, but you need to understand the culture.”

  • “I give the candidate a business problem to see how they will react to it.”

  • “Your algorithms are good as long as your data is good.”

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Sveta Freidman is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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