#54 Annie South – General Manager, Data

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Annie South is the General Manager of Data at ME Bank. She is an Information Management professional with twenty years’ experience of complex information environments spanning the full spectrum of structured data to unstructured information. Annie has in-depth technical knowledge of various specialisms, including metadata, data warehousing, data governance, data quality, enterprise architecture, data lineage, Big Data, data analytics, and regulatory requirements.

In this episode, Annie explains the things she does to ensure her career is future ready because nobody can predict what jobs will look like years from now. Do not specialize in a particular technology but specialize in a capability. The technologies that you are using today will not be the technologies they are using tomorrow. If you specialize in a particular technology set, and it is decreasing in popularity, you will end up with fewer opportunities in the market. Annie tells people wanting career advice that when people look at your resume, they are looking for a consistent arc. That could mean staying consistent in an industry or constant engagement in the workforce. Another thing Annie looks for in applicants is kindness, this quality is something that cannot be taught.

To have any sort of success in an organization, you need to have immersed yourself in their environment for a significant amount of time. It has taken Annie a lot of time to grasp her organization’s culture and be able to manage her team efficiently at ME Bank. Annie refers to her team as the librarians, and data scientists are the people who come and read the books. Data is all about human beings being paired with information and knowledge; it helps people live better lives by pairing them with relevant and essential tools. Annie strongly encourages data scientists to follow their passions and continue to look at different opportunities in the field. Later, Annie discusses diversity in the workforce, overcoming discrimination in the workplace, and explains the importance of LinkedIn for social networking.

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We speak about:

  • [01:20] How Annie got into the world of data

  • [10:00] Insight for people starting in the data space

  • [12:50] Organizations are not predictable  

  • [14:50] Annie’s team at ME Bank

  • [27:50] Turning recruitment on its head

  • [33:20] Transitioning from teaching to general manager

  • [39:05] Sort out your personality and experiment with leadership

  • [46:30] Imposter syndrome  

  • [49:10] Experimenting with diversity in the workforce

  • [53:30] Challenges with discrimination in the workplace   

  • [61:10] Define yourself; do not be defined by others


Annie’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annesouth/

ME Bank: https://www.mebank.com.au

IT Jobs Watch: https://www.itjobswatch.co.uk


  • “You are not going to be able to predict the roles that will exist in twelve months.”

  • “Sometimes, a job is better than no job.”

  • “Organizations are extremely complex, quite random chaotic things.”

  • “You will never get ahead by being excellent at what everyone else is doing.”

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Annie South is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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