#48 Leverage What You Know to Get Your Foot in the Door with Jay Liu - Chief Data Scientist at Digital-Dandelion

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Jay Liu is the Chief Data Scientist at Digital-Dandelion specializing in helping insurance, and medical organizations innovate by integrating the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and big data into their systems. Knowing the best way to learn is by putting your money where your mouth is, Digital-Dandelion launched an online brand and built a customer AI to promote it. There were numerous technical and modeling challenges that were overcome, but in the end, they sold all their stock within three months. They had proven to themselves that customer AI worked. Organizations can have great depth and breadth of customer data from their long-term relationships of selling high-value products and services.

In this episode, Jay explains how he found himself in advertising and started getting fat because of all the Michelin star restaurants his potential clients would treat him to. His data science career began with loyalty cards and being incredibility confident. When someone uses a loyalty card, the company is collecting data. They will know exactly what you purchased and how much you purchased of each item. The customer will be rewarded with monthly coupons. Jay was in charge of coming up with the coupons that were designed to make the customer spend more money in the store. Knowing at least one data programming language will leverage what you have and give you one foot in the door. The best way to get into data science is to know how it will improve the current industry or business you are working for.

Later, Jay explains why QA is a lost skill and the idea that great data scientists have internal discipline. However, there is a race to push the boundaries and become more automated. For example, Facebook collects as much data as possible and thinks about the consequences later. Data is data and people are people. Understanding data is the starting point. Before Jay starts a job, he dives deep and analyzes what every number means to the business with their data collection. Also, Jay considers how to make his bosses job as easy as possible. Overall, the success of his boss will create the most significant impact on his business. If someone has been working at the same job for ten years, they are scared to grow and try something new. Finding a data scientist who has worked at multiple different sizes and types of organizations is the key to finding a well-rounded employee.

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We speak about:

  • [01:40] How Jay started in the data space

  • [06:15] Loyalty cards

  • [08:50] QA is a lost skill

  • [10:25] You are your own police

  • [13:30] Ethical considerations

  • [15:10] Transition from marketing to data science

  • [20:40] Putting yourself on the line for the benefit of the company

  • [22:15] Creating change in organizations

  • [27:30] Learning new applications + algorithms

  • [33:50] What makes a great data scientist?

  • [38:15] Delivering results to alleviate pressure


Jay’s LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jay-liu-76ab2b8a

Digital-Dandelion: https://www.digital-dandelion.com


  • “If you want to get into data science, the best way to do it is to understand how data science can help your current industry.”

  • “I have actually never worked as a full-time employee for more than two years.”

  • “If you want to change, you need to be ready to fight for it.”

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Jay Liu is based in London, United Kingdom.

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