#39 Communicating the Results of Advanced Analytics Projects with Matt Kuperholz - Partner and Chief Data Scientist

Matt Kuperholz - Partner and Chief Data Scientist

Matt Kuperholz. Matt currently works for PWC as a Partner in their Analytic Intelligence Area and is their Chief Data scientist. With a background in both actuary and computer science, Matt has been working with data for over 20 years. He ran his own company in the early 2000s which included working with Deloitte Australia as they started to look at how to use data science in their business. He is now a is a partner and chief data scientist at PWC Australia. An expert in planning, executing and communicating the results of advanced analytics projects, Matt’s area of specialisation is the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to detailed and complex data.

We speak about:

· Matt’s love for computers and he he got to where he is now (00:12)

· How Matt’s interest in computers led to a love for data (06:28)

· Matt’s interest in martial arts and why a diversity of people matters (08:19)

· Smell-testing the quality of a number, and the importance of attention to detail (09:40)

· Working with limited time on a mainframe and how Matt coped with limited resources (12:09)

· The early days of using AI and what it was like working in a start-up in the late 90s (15:04)

· The importance of well prepared data (16:56)

· How Matt keeps up to date with data and technology (21:17)

· How Matt chooses what problems to tackle (23:26)

· What it was like working with Deloitte (26:03)

· How data can integrate into other areas of a business (28:32)

· Starting with the real world problem before focusing on the data (30:26)

· A recent project Matt has worked on exploring what trust looks like in a digital world (35:11)

· The idea of responsible AI and how we develop checks and regulation (41:41)

· How technologies are growing exponentially and causing a fast changing world (49:45)

· How Matt follows his curiosity and how this has led to opportunities (52:05)

· Why the data industry is worth getting into (54:48)

· The importance of finding what you are into and staying true to yourself (55:53)



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Matt is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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