#40 How to Build a Diverse Data Science Team with Kjersten Moody - Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Kjersten Moody - Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Kjersten is a graduate of the University of Chicago and has a proven track record in modernizing and scaling operations, executing mission-critical business initiatives, and achieving profitability objectives. An energetic leader with a focus on people development, diversity, and inclusion Kjersten demonstrates the ability to effectively lead and work in highly complex environments.

We speak about:

• [00:20] About Kjersten Moody

• [04:45] Love for data

• [06:40] Transition to technology consulting

• [09:50] Lessons learned early on

• [13:15] Leadership took the time

• [14:40] Kjersten’s leadership style

• [15:35] Transition to healthcare

• [18:00] Lessons learned in consulting

• [20:00] Building teams

• [22:15] Qualifications for individuals

• [29:10] Data strategy 

• [33:00] Data governance

• [38:00] Understanding the business aspects 

• [45:20] Financial impacts

• [48:20] Listener questions

Some of Kjersten's quotes from the episode:

  1. “Challenges are a constant in a domain such as data science.”

  2. “Diversity is an attribute of the team. It’s the diversity of experiences, culture, and thought.”

  3. “The process of matching price to risk is inherently done through data.”

  4. “Data strategy is interpreted in many different ways.” 

  5. “The leader needs to be able to work in a trusted way with business leaders and general managers.”


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Kjersten is based in Chicago, Illinois

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