Creating Effective Data Science Presentations with Rachel Fojtik – Director of Analytics and Performance

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Rachel Fojtik is an Experienced Senior leader in Analytics, influencing change in behaviour, company culture, and improvement with analytics. Managing high performing teams that deliver across a myriad of knowledge areas. She is passionate about delivering information that sees results, using collaborative design and development. A demonstrated history of setting up teams that deliver end to end business intelligence implementations. Cross-industry experience in healthcare, telecommunications, the financial services industry, travel and tourism, and energy.

In this episode, Rachel explains how she started in travel and tourism rather than data science. She did a couple of short stints in building databases; this is where she realized her interest in numbers. Her passion for data grew from the excitement when her director realized the profitability of their company just by changing a particular practice. In Rachel’s roles, she got heavily involved in financial performance metrics, employee’s quality of work, and HR. Plus, Rachel explains the difference between working with the management director vs. operational work.  

Then, Rachel discusses how she loves working stuff out and finding her way around something to make it the most efficient. You shouldn’t start with the constraints in front of you, take them off the table, and find the best way to do it. Do not just go for the easiest route, find a better way, and improve on it. Also, Rachel touches on ensuring a presentation is well put together to win over the trust of others. Make sure it is consistent, easy to digest, and professional looking. This will lower the barriers and make the message a lot more accessible. When you are building a dashboard, you are building it for multiple users, so it is challenging to create a story; however, it should still be well presented to highlight what you are getting at. Later, Rachel discusses the role of a product manager, organic governance in the workplace, and her role as Director of Analytics and Performance. 

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We speak about:

  • [01:15] How Rachel started in the data space

  • [08:40] The motivation behind Rachel’s trailblazing  

  • [11:30] The metrics Rachel was helping optimize 

  • [14:10] Working with the management director vs. operational work

  • [16:45] Data matching at Diner’s Club  

  • [22:15] Using a minimalist view 

  • [24:45] Find the best way – don’t just stick with what you know  

  • [28:45] If something is well presented, it is more likely to be trusted 

  • [35:00] What is a product manager? 

  • [42:50] An organic governance in the workplace 

  • [46:15] Rachel’s role as Director of Analytics and Performance  

  • [53:00] Building and working on a network  

  • [54:10] Do what you’re passionate about


Rachel’s LinkedIn:


  • “I created an input tool where a user could design the layout of their input form.”

  • “I’ve always tried to go with a minimalist view.”

  • “If your presentation is way too busy, it is difficult to take a story from that information.”

  • “Consider where the eye goes first when creating a presentation.”

Rachel Fojtik is based in Brisbane, Australia.

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