data: (noun) facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.
futurology: (noun) systematic forecasting of the future, especially from present trends in society.


In the Data Futurology podcast, we speak to top data science leaders from around the world on:

- What makes a great data scientist? What skills are required?

- How to become a data science leader?

- How should I grow and get the most out of my team?

- What is a good data strategy? and how do I best implement it?

- What are interesting applications of ML/AI that I should be considering in my industry?

Most of the data science education and content focuses on the technical knowledge.

They cover the math, algorithms and code.

Technical competency is key for practicing data scientists.

However, there are a number of additional skills required by:

- Data scientists wanting to have greater impact in their organisations.

- Non-technical people who want to work with data scientists (stakeholders).

These skills include:

- Data Science Leadership
- Data Science Strategy
- Stakeholder Management and Engagement
- Change Management
- Team Building and Management
- Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
- Future Challenges in the space

This is what Data Futurology is about!

Every week we speak with a C-level executive in the data analytics space.

We get their stories, hear about their successes and failures so you can benefit from their learning, tactics, approaches and strategies.

Everything you hear is directly applicable in your working life.

These conversations have been designed to help you further your career.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!
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